Found the Love in December

I don't really know how long it was. Perhaps it was December, perhaps not. I remember a symphonic breathing of forgotten dreams, where I met you at the edge of unspoken thought. Perhaps it was there, I found the love. That December was long gone, yet it still here. And all I can say, … Lanjutkan membaca Found the Love in December


Plan Before New Year

Do you have a plan before new year? – a friend asked me. Simply I said, I have no plan – there is still a lot of things need to be done. Then time after time, moment after moment. I remember something that long has been forgotten. I am yet let my old violin dusty … Lanjutkan membaca Plan Before New Year

The Beauty Within

The outer side maybe reveal something that draws one’s interest. But a beauty within surely would attract every single awareness around. Something we just wanna hold those kind of miracles source, and never let it goes. But there is a moment where one just can’t hold neither grasp a moment for what would be believe … Lanjutkan membaca The Beauty Within