Real Education

The mind creates through experience, tradition, memory. Can the mind be free from storing up, though it is experiencing? You understand the difference? What is required is not the cultivation of memory but the freedom from the accumulative process of the mind.You hurt me, which is an experience; and I store up that hurt; and…… Lanjutkan membaca Real Education

Menatap Negeriku

Tanah negeriku mengalir dalam sungai waktu yang melingkar lemah, dalam tanda mata berbagai emosi yang terhanyut bersamanya … aku berada menatapnya. Inilah kehidupan bangsaku, apa adanya.

Share Our Love

The words as simple as much we heard them. But do we already share our love … share for the world, humanity, peaceful harmony.Do we deeply care for being care?Do we try just to try on making better living?Just … let we answer it … in no more words.

Living Life

None of that path I ever realize as the only one path to my future, some of them are truly dark and the other just like the opposite.Just being so simple, I could reach the unknown part of my knowledge door. So I could realize more and more about this living life.