Old Books

I am not a book collector, but somehow, I find myself has more old books than anyone else around. I don't know, but I feel urge to buy one or couple book sometimes, and which has no relation with the subject that I studied. Well, obviously, it would make me has a lot of old …

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The Branch and Shadow of My Life

Even when my awareness walk in present time, sometime there definitely a question comes by, whether I've taken the right path, the exact turn, or whether I still hold my shadow far behind within the lost past. There is time when I stand, and look around, only to see nothing but a glimpse of nothingness. …

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Yang Aneh dengan EVDO Smartfren di Jogja

Belakangan ini saya menemukan ada sesuatu yang aneh dengan jaringan EVDO Smartfren di Jogja, sekitar 2 atau 3 hari setelah saya membeli modem SpeedUp CDMA tanggal 14 November yang lalu. Hal ini bertepatan juga dengan mulai bisa digunakannya kembali nomor Mobi saya pada modem lama, dan tampaknya saringan Internet Sehat Mobi juga sudah diangkat. Yang …

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