Life of Buddha

Recently, I am having my spare times to watch some Buddhism video on YouTube. There is a lot of interesting video, including short lecture, documentary, and many more. As for me, I found on of this nice video by BBC. A full documentary of Buddha.

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A New Year in Yogyakarta

This could be my last new year in Yogyakarta, since someone already comes summoned me to be in Bali as soon as this year. This night a bit rainy when I was on the way home, yes – I need to buy something earlier before I get busy again next week, a restless week is awaiting, but there would be no much choice I have, don’t I?

Yesterday, I came to Empire XXI and watched two movies in a raw. First, “Tourist” with Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie as the stars, took a set in Paris & Venice, I think this is a romance movie with some classical storyline about thief, secret agent, mafia et cetera.

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We Love Go to the Field

Who said medical student just sit nicely behind the desk or chattering somewhere around the corner and corridor, or just have to dealt with patients all the days. We do go to the field, where there are maybe some “to do list” that has a minim connection with medical aspect itself.

Here are some photographs of the medical student activities, that you might not seen around hospital, or they has no connection at all with medical fields.

Night work

Above: the night activity when we collecting and analyzing the medical issue of some neighbourhood, and try to formulazing some solutions.

Sudut desa 2: Jalan desa high path

Above: sitting behind a soft chair on a room with AC? Well, you may try to walk around some hills and in the middle of woods to finding any public health issue.

Sungai di Pondokan

Above: if walking all the days made you feel so tired, then why not have a seightseing around what we call nature itself. It just nice to wacth for a stream before continuing to walk around again. You shall not find any luxiory here, but you may find joy, that you will love your duty.

My Dummy

Above: trust me, we do prefer to make our collegeu as a “guinnea pig” than our beloved patients which we respect so much. Practice makes perfect, I don’t know if there were no one willingly become a medical student’s patient in care, so how we would develope a better doctor in future? Medical doctor isn’t like carpenter who need just wood to practice, medical student need a real patient, a real disease, a real problem, a real issue, a real experience which made it a real practice.

Presentasi Kerja 2

Above: we do need to present everything that we found on the field. A chalange to our self and our effort for a better understanding of medical field itself.


So, are interesting in entering medical field? Its not so boring at all.

Early morning

Villagers used to wake up in the early morning. Even now a lot of village has turned into a small city at least, but the habit of get up earlier in the morning I thing never change at all.

If I walk around the village street around 4or 5 in the morning, an hour or two before the sun rises. I can hear there are activities already starting inside each house. Wow, it is amazing when you hear so many things in the morning, the sound of cocking activities, the sound of sweeping the yard and watering the plant, or seeing people go to traditional market with his or her old cycle.

And of course the smell of the morning air is very refreshing for both mind and body. While listening birds start to chattering, makes you fall in love with morning wake up.

Silent Sunday

Today I have nothing much to do, maybe since I got a low grade fever which made me shivering like a rat lost in north pole. I tried to validate this page according to W3C markup validation. Well, you may check it up and let me know if there is any error or warning.

I have my breakfast with instant noodles – not very healthy at all. But I think it was better than skipping my meal in the morning, yet still I need to find a way to get a better choice for morning menu. A Sunday without activity much just with some textbook, Indonesian people said as a plate of vegetable soup without salt. Even I have a plan to watch the new coming ‘The Last Airbender’, but surely not today.