What’s your favorite romantic song?

What’s my favorite romantic song? Well, there are two actually, but if I may only choose one of them, it would the “eyes on me” over “melodies of life.” Both are old school, but well, I came from an old era after all.

The songs come from the same game franchise, and I love them. I played FF VIII many times in the past, as well as the FF IX (while the latter I’ve never been able to finish it). So the song always gives me a vivid yet vibrant recollection of something carved deep in my memory.

I also like “To Zanarkand.” But, since I never gone too far within the game. Stuck somewhere within a dungeon before I quit 😅.

Final Fantasy VIII perhaps the only series that I have completed. And I fall in love with the story and the musics, including the legendary “Eyes on Me.” It is a warm, full of affection and tenderness song. When I miss something behind, I always find this song gives me a calmness and a bittersweet taste in my mind.

Two Simple Reasons

Why you always going to that “warung”, one asked my the another day. (note that warung mean a local/traditional food corner in Indonesia especially when you visiting the western region).

Well, the reasons is simple…

First, it always has green vegetables menu, though  I’m not a vegetarian, but I love green vegetables. And they always has potatoes with traditional delicious ingredient, nyam… nyam…, I just can say no to potatoes.

Secondly, and obviously, it’s a cheap ‘warung’. I can save some money while I don’t need any expensive food or cooking to satisfied my daily fasts.

But really, I thought I really need to go back home, and once again learn how to cook properly from my parents. Gezz, I was to lazy to learn cooking while I was still in Bali.

My Daily Lunch

So, if you has a time to visit Yogyakarta, just try a local warung to sense a genuine traditional food, you don’t need to go to expensive restaurant just for a daily menus.

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