In the Line of Your Smile

It was this year’s Christmas, around a new humble brick house, in the middle of green rice fields, when the sun hidden between the cloudy sky, after the mountain wind gently danced around what we call a family. Yes, it was there I met you again after a while. Lanjutkan membaca “In the Line of Your Smile”

Do You Feel Lonely?

They have said that human are social being, they can’t exist without another, from every aspects we see – whether religious, scientific, cultural, economy – we just can’t exist alone, well perhaps we can live in some deserted land – alone for a while – than what after that? In other side of this cruel world, there perhaps some who desire loneliness, perhaps since their hatred toward the society or the feeling of unneeded.

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A Never Arrive Understanding

Last morning, I have a chat with someone from my past via twitter – not a long chat at all. She was “a nearly fiancé” to me, we know each other at high school, our families acknowledged our relationship, everything were – if I may say – beyond perfect. Well, that was definitely the story until some couple of years ago. I know nothing will last forever in this world, impermanence, but I never though it would only that long – say about four or five years.

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Leaving Bhyllabus Again

Suddenly there is something stroke sharp within my chest this morning. I think I have some of precious moments from the past were flashing rapidly within my mind. I don’t understand, I think I’ve take a good care of my medication lately – but surely its not about physical matters – my heart beats rapidly moment to moment as their past flashed quickly.

I need to hold myself, more than that, I need to hold my tears. I’d like to leave Bhyllabus for some moments, at least I wish it only for a moment.

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Call It Home

World so vast, just by looking up to the sky, we know that there are other places connected under that single blue sky. One can find oneself in a very unfamiliar land, so its people call one as a stranger. No matter what is the reason behind it, job related, education related, or anything else, we can be so far from what we call a home.

But do one know, that one still so lucky – if I may say so – since there is still a place that one may call it home, a place where one’s heart belong to. But there is lot – and I really mean a lot – of people, those no longer have a place to call home, even a lot of them don’t have it since their were born. Say it because of war, because of disaster, or else. They always feel, where ever they’ve stand this long, all was a stranger land, not even close to call it home.

But truly, home should be where our heart feels the warmth, the comfort, the love of our family. When those warmth, comfort, and love break down the boundary of space and time – and we would find that everywhere are our home sweet home.

So, how about you, where is your home, where are you belong to?