In the Line of Your Smile

It was this year's Christmas, around a new humble brick house, in the middle of green rice fields, when the sun hidden between the cloudy sky, after the mountain wind gently danced around what we call a family. Yes, it was there I met you again after a while. I was wondering, our life are … Lanjutkan membaca In the Line of Your Smile


Precious Things Time to Time

There are many precious things from time to time in our lives, scattered along the path we walk on. Randomly came, and sometimes gone forever. Even when we face it, sometime we just not really look at it. Sometime there were happiness, sadness, joy, regret, and all this feeling we have from time to time. … Lanjutkan membaca Precious Things Time to Time

The Blank Words

The world have been filled with so much words, in poetry, in hymn, in a letter that we received this morning, convey so many feeling from all over the planet. Picturing one’s motives, paths, conviction and heart.I thinks it was something wonderful, if only words those scattered all over the Gaia is blessing with natural … Lanjutkan membaca The Blank Words