Joy and Dream, Life and Friend

Ti voglio bene

There was a phrase which started a stormy sea around my ark life. A beautiful words of “Ti voglio bene”. I won’t forget the voice that brought me the words – yet, I think I have ever smiled freely in the first time of my life.

But I think she has wishing me to move on with my life, so I have to move on to a distance right now. Thanks Tion…, thanks Nara…, thanks Yalsi…, thanks Tiara…, you are my best buddies – please take care – I have to go now. The stormy sea awaits me, I can’t bring you all along, please understand. Believe me, you are all already in a good hand, who will take you with care & love.

With this, the Moonarch secret operation ended, accomplished with my full gratitude to all of you.

Ti voglio bene, cara…


I Will Always Love You

I have no rejection, nor shall I asking for more. I bound to nothing but one, something that has been erased from this timeline of my human form and my human heart. The last and lost poem shall never recovered again, nor the pain within the everlasting scars within. I’ve seen so much tears that belong to no others. My step has stop its own stillness, and my breath has reach the depth of where even desperation can’t reach it. I am not returning time back, nor shall trying for it. Since I knew nothing has been change but this path only. The words always the same, as how we met under the last and the lost evening clouds under evening sky, the words of “I will always love you”.

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