It is not a mere words that I wish, that I hope when it reaches you, it is my soul – unbounded by wind, sea, and sky.

It is not just alphabetic conceptions that delivered to your small hands, it is my heart – unlocked by the earth and all the trees those never bow under the heaven.

It is not a paltry of black above the white fields that you see with your very own eyes, it is my dream – travelled far on uncharted and borderless desert, accompanied by the song the sun and the moon.

It is not a measly conviction when you hold it, it is my love – the life of a spirit that hold your hands, the very hands that bring it into this world.

Yet it is a letter, a simple wordless one, from meto you.


Distant Little Place Called Hope

The sky can become darker and darker, the land may no longer shakes hand with us, and the time left us will all possible fortune ahead. No more merry-go-round this time to offer our children laugh and joy. I myself, found this kind of moment are the most desperate one. Continue reading →

In Your Heart Forever

I am watching “Brother Bear 2” right now on television, and there was a very nice words, said as…

When you love, they will stay in your heart forever.

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

The only think that can make everything vaporizing from within our soul is what human call as hatred. Well, if you have love everywhere, then we just may get confuse where would be a place to put a hatred there.

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