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Sleeping Beauty

The weather is hot and dry this noon. Fortunately wind blows from moment to moment – in soft and hard manner – just like uncertain melody.

There are some sleeping face, one with a sweet dream is on my palm :).


Secret Operation–Code: Moonhunt

Its a little bit a while since I signed my last secret operation last year – The Moonarch! So, here me again, assigned to a new secret operation, which mean I’ve to leave Bhyllabus for the time being. I do not sure how long this operation would take me away from the cyber world, perhaps for a couple of months or more.

I can’t do blog-walking, neither writing here for next couple months. Well, I am neither sure I would able returning here. If you find this site inaccessible in near future, it means I forgot to pay the bill for this domain, ups…, well, lets not worry about that (I won’t stop you to pay it for me if you mind it).

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In My Mind

Call It Home

World so vast, just by looking up to the sky, we know that there are other places connected under that single blue sky. One can find oneself in a very unfamiliar land, so its people call one as a stranger. No matter what is the reason behind it, job related, education related, or anything else, we can be so far from what we call a home.

But do one know, that one still so lucky – if I may say so – since there is still a place that one may call it home, a place where one’s heart belong to. But there is lot – and I really mean a lot – of people, those no longer have a place to call home, even a lot of them don’t have it since their were born. Say it because of war, because of disaster, or else. They always feel, where ever they’ve stand this long, all was a stranger land, not even close to call it home.

But truly, home should be where our heart feels the warmth, the comfort, the love of our family. When those warmth, comfort, and love break down the boundary of space and time – and we would find that everywhere are our home sweet home.

So, how about you, where is your home, where are you belong to?

Life and Friend

A Priceless Baby

They who have been stayed long enough at “Wisma Cahaya Rembulan” should be knew the “Baby”. She is a priceless cute baby from the next yard, and she used to play around our veranda if she has a time.

She really hates cats, always yelling loudly when a cat passing by. But she now getting old, just like me. Even so, we still call her, “Baby”, ha ha…, what a cute one.


Then we said, “we love you BabyHot smile

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Journal, Life and Friend

A Single Memory From Home

I was not in a good mood when travelling back home, and latter found myself not even better when travelling back to Jogja. I did nothing much back in my home, visiting some old friends and relatives, but I did enjoy everything back there. Ah, it just feel like refreshing my self over, and over again.

I am visiting my memorable place, called some flashback to the moment in my earlier time. Yes, it can not descript into a motion in the tip of my lips, but for every moment I can took, I’ll took a capture of it, since I am a forgetful person.

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Joy and Dream

The Padi’s Field

Who said I life in a palace or a expensive condominium? Who said I play on a beautiful garden with so many colourful flowers? No my friend, I’m a villager, just an ordinary villager. The padi field is my garden, clumps are my roses, mud is my soft green grass.

My sky doesn’t painted with beautifully crafted air balloons, but we have kites with bring our spirit to the sky with the same enthusiastic. There are no operas, sonnets in my village, but we have the frogs crickets and their buddies sing for us every night, and the cicadas for the next day.

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