Reconsidering The Happy Death – Euthanasia

There is something in my mind right now, and it's about performing euthanasia, but of course not to a human (or my patient). My little puppy gets seriously sick, he got high fever a few weeks ago and then double time complex seizures in short periods. Well, worst than that, he started to lose limb … Lanjutkan membaca Reconsidering The Happy Death – Euthanasia

I May Not Lead Nor Might Follow You

Every person born free – at least that we all believe in, even sometime reality showed us a cruel side of being free. Everyone free to stand on their own feet, walk within their own path, believe in their faith. I’ve said to myself, a long time ago, I won’t lead anyone, I won’t follow … Lanjutkan membaca I May Not Lead Nor Might Follow You