The Light isn’t Coming Near

How many times we felt trapped, not within a physical boundaries, but within our own incapability? Desperately hope for a way out, but only death ends those await. Perhaps there is a hope, glimmering softly on the far side; just like sitting by the night windows and seeing the moon just about within our reach, but it isn’t. Lanjutkan membaca “The Light isn’t Coming Near”

The Quiet Path Behind Evening Oak

How long I have stood here, all the past seems has not changed at all into present. The same scarlet sky, the similar humid thin air, and this warm breeze out of nowhere. This floating feeling, this lightened breath, and this softened ground. How long I have stood here.

I have no story, I have no sonnet, and I have no poetry. This path is just a simple void between my days and nights, between my awareness and my ignorance. And by its’ nature, it has become a quiet path.

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Scrambling My Heart

When I met you on the crossed twilight of past, I know the fate already has scrambling my heart. I know old people said, “love shall never can be found, so seeking is futile, but even love would surely found you, waiting is obvious futile too.”

There was no peculiar moment, nor any strange aura or unbelievable fate either. There was only you and me.

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