A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal

I remember, far away in the past, I had my own lullaby. Today, perhaps lullaby is the most endangered trasures above the today world. So when I hear the song of which language comes from distant land, it makes me feel warm and comfortable. Lanjutkan membaca “A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal”

Over the Rainbow

My soul is melting, my days are shaking. If tommorow ever comes, I want to wake up on the land where no problem arises.

Someplace where there isn’t any trouble. Do you suppose there is such a place, Toto? There must be. It’s not a place you can get to by a boat, or a train. It’s far, far away. Behind the moon, beyond the rain….. (Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz. 1939). Lanjutkan membaca “Over the Rainbow”

Do I like Horror?

The simple answer would be “NO”, I don’t like horror. And I just can’t stand why people love watching horror movies, and reading a kind horror novel. Well, I must admit that occult things have their own interesting side, but when comes to horror, no way I will say.

Horror never been good for my heart (seriously!). I do not know, maybe since there are a lot of spooky stories around me – even since my childhood. It said that 50 years back or more in my countryside, for people to summon a form of demonic power or spirit was a common thing. Hearing a lot of mystical stories would surely made me shivered endlessly.

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In Your Heart Forever

I am watching “Brother Bear 2” right now on television, and there was a very nice words, said as…

When you love, they will stay in your heart forever.

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

The only think that can make everything vaporizing from within our soul is what human call as hatred. Well, if you have love everywhere, then we just may get confuse where would be a place to put a hatred there.

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A New Year in Yogyakarta

This could be my last new year in Yogyakarta, since someone already comes summoned me to be in Bali as soon as this year. This night a bit rainy when I was on the way home, yes – I need to buy something earlier before I get busy again next week, a restless week is awaiting, but there would be no much choice I have, don’t I?

Yesterday, I came to Empire XXI and watched two movies in a raw. First, “Tourist” with Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie as the stars, took a set in Paris & Venice, I think this is a romance movie with some classical storyline about thief, secret agent, mafia et cetera.

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Film Avatar – Just A Movie

Beberapa waktu yang lalu saya ditraktir nonton film Avatar oleh seorang senior yang baik. Katanya sih ini termasuk film terbaik di akhir tahun 2009 yang akan diputar di sepanjang bioskop di Indonesia – mungkin mengalahkan film lokal Sang Pemimpi yang sedang diunggulkan. Film Avatar adalah film semi animasi, sebagaimana film Transformer 2 yang sempat memadatkan bioskop beberapa bulan yang lalu. Ya, karena dapat nonton gratis – apa boleh buat, ini tidak boleh disia-siakan.

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