Happy New Year 2013 From Line of Duty

This is a happy moment where a family gather, where friends met each other, where people say “Happy New Year” and shaking hands.

But I do know, there are people who are stays on the line of duty, just like myself. To ensure, that others are having their finest moment in this happy time.

So, from the line of duty. I celebrate you, my friend, a Happy New Year 2013.

A New Year in Yogyakarta

This could be my last new year in Yogyakarta, since someone already comes summoned me to be in Bali as soon as this year. This night a bit rainy when I was on the way home, yes – I need to buy something earlier before I get busy again next week, a restless week is awaiting, but there would be no much choice I have, don’t I?

Yesterday, I came to Empire XXI and watched two movies in a raw. First, “Tourist” with Johnny Deep and Angelina Jolie as the stars, took a set in Paris & Venice, I think this is a romance movie with some classical storyline about thief, secret agent, mafia et cetera.

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The Last Day

Today is the last day of this year, and tomorrow would be another year. Ah yes, I don’t know how to put this, but I think I’d need a “new ark” next year.

He he…, its a term I pick from a nice movie years ago. I think this last day in Yogyakarta seems nothing much to do. There is nothing special I think for new year celebration. But why not, maybe something interesting is out there awaiting us to find it.

Well, wish this last day, there would be something meaningful.

Plan Before New Year

Do you have a plan before new year? – a friend asked me. Simply I said, I have no plan – there is still a lot of things need to be done. Then time after time, moment after moment. I remember something that long has been forgotten. I am yet let my old violin dusty and lost one of its string. It was a long story, my violin never been touch since the door to its owner sacred chamber closed.

I think I’ll love to fix it before Christmas, but well – then I don’t think I have no enough fund for it – ha ha…, then I think again I should let it just like that until next year, beside, I am not a violist. Lanjutkan membaca “Plan Before New Year”

Visiting Florists on A New Year


I have wrote my feeling about this new year on “25 Year and Single”, now what was I do on new year day?

New year would a single holiday for me, I would spent sometimes on natural resort if possible. But being in Jogja – I didn’t have much to choice. Visiting beach shall took a very long road to South, and visiting mountain surely don’t much fun on North. Dear me…, why such I have much complain about natural resort in this regency – what a pain.

Wait a minute…, is there a lot of florists along the St. A Jazuli at Kotabaru, isn’t? I was smiling to my self – a lamp popped up above my head “cling”.

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