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Crossroad of Ancient Future

I made some plans for what I will do in the next days after the next year. The thing is that those plans and I now where exist between a huge wall ancient norms and the opposing wishes of many people who I dear most. It is a crossroad between my life philosophy, my ideal, my wish, my logic, my heart, my voices with abundant of nonsense that a lot of people worshiped as a greater good. Baca lebih lanjut


See You Next Year

Well, we are already arriving at the end of 2010, aren’t we? So what’s next? Still – I’ve no plan, like a free pirate – perhaps, sailing freely on seven oceans. Hmm…, a little bit hyperbolic tough. But why not, visiting Norway would be good – except for heavy snowing that doesn’t suite a tropical creature like me. A nice castle, hot coffee, and perhaps a dragon, ha ha…, hell no! So forget about Norway, I’ve no budget at all. Beside I prefer to visit Europe when its spring or summer (but not when heat weave streaks over the continent).

Baca lebih lanjut


A Day Off

Tomorrow I’d take a day off from blogging, well, its Bhyllabus’s 3rd anniversary (or could be the 4th – I don’t remember that). You might see the new colour here – powered by Liquorice with Google Font API – or perhaps something like that.

Like I said before, I have no plan – maybe just sight seeing, or visiting my internist for some consultation my current condition (its not a good think to plan, but usable for sure). Or staying at home and cleaning my eagle nest (its a code name!). Perhaps looking for some delicious coffee break? Or visiting book store (probably not, I will lose some money if I go there).

Well, this is Bhyllabus’ anniversary, but I have nothing to give you – or maybe there were something. Its December, a month full of surprise – just don’t let go your wish. How about a quiz then?

Obviously, this time isn’t mine. But a quiz by Avast! Antivirus. To win a one year Avast Internet Security Suite’s free license. Hmm…, interesting, isn’t it?

Okay, just go the quiz section – give your best answer, and do forget to visit the avast facebook page to know the winner (up to 100 winners everyday!). Then, try your luck – and knowledge obviously.

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In My Mind, Joy and Dream

Plan Before New Year

Do you have a plan before new year? – a friend asked me. Simply I said, I have no plan – there is still a lot of things need to be done. Then time after time, moment after moment. I remember something that long has been forgotten. I am yet let my old violin dusty and lost one of its string. It was a long story, my violin never been touch since the door to its owner sacred chamber closed.

I think I’ll love to fix it before Christmas, but well – then I don’t think I have no enough fund for it – ha ha…, then I think again I should let it just like that until next year, beside, I am not a violist.

I have no plan – exactly none at all. I am too busy to create one, or too stupid, maybe too careless? Well, it doesn’t matter. Maybe I just have a walk in a mall – sight seeing – a marvellous Christmas trees with so much decors and beauty of its small details. Or watching Christmas and New Year movie at dormitory.

Yeah, I love watching Christmas and New Year movie since I was small. Love, friendship, miracles, and so on. At least five year from now, I wish I could be somewhere, I would like to visit Venice on winter – visiting someone’s grave – or maybe I really need to give a visit.

But thinking of it again, I don’t think my Mom would let me get a job aboard. She always saying about staying at home, ah its all about parenting. Do not know, but life sure full of surprise – just don’t let our dream dying so soon – then heaven shall know what to do with it.

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A Home Call

Yesterday, I called home – my mom, she wanted to say something. And I nearly got a heart attack when she said that she wanted to visit Jogja next month – are you insane?, I yelled in my heart, but instead I said, “very well, just be careful on the way.”

There would be apocalypse if she really comes to Jogja. Remember about my other story “Get Home Get Married”? Yes, it would be a nightmare walking by the bright day.

Not only that, since she was not good on ‘map reading’ – she seems to be planning something, like bring along my old nemesis, obviously that can bring about the third world war in Jogja (and that girl said she willingly comes next holiday).

Gezz…, I don’t what to do. Imagining it would be the worst thing in my mind – but if it comes into reality – well, just like to old song “whispering words of wisdom… let it be… let it be…

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Sleep Tight

Last night after a short meeting and dinner with Mr. Shadow Blogger – Dani Iswara, I came home earlier since I could not tolerate any longer the ultimate drowsiness – just like have been shoot by high dose of diazepam. Obviously (or maybe) because I did swimming on the noon before, and yet has not been eating since morning (I missed the “suhoor happy hour”) but a couple of potato donuts that Nandini gave me (its delicious).

With a high specific dynamic action, my body couldn’t stand it anymore. Like an abundant amount of energy flew away from within me. I fallen asleep without second warning, luckily I woke up about 1 a.m., so I didn’t miss the happy hour again – not if Professor Virus won’t woke me up again. After has my breakfast around 3 a.m., I got sleep again with Taz – as how it used to be – so tight till 6 in the morning.

Today I have a plan to visit Ambarukmo Plaza, looking for some stuff for office and else – obviously plus sightseeing on book store, and looking for some classical audio compact disc (if there is some budget left) – plus I hope won’t forget to look for “Ubi Bakar Cilembu”.

I feel a little bit refreshed today, and preparing for the stress hours tomorrow, let grab the day fully now!

Status Blog

Plan for Long Break

I felt recently it was not a good moment for continuing writing on Bhyllabus, I hope for some breaks these weeks (damn, I just look like those mangakas). I did bore recently for writing, and prefer reading more articles on some old books, scrolls, or ancient manuscripts (what a pain) – and having my solitude moment far away from blogsphere.

Ah, lets take a long break – I thing it is a marvelous idea.

Btw, I did try something new in this blog (this page especially), try to right click this content or try to copy-paste it if you can (from the blog obviously). Well, there is a way of course, but it wouldn’t be easy. Since I do some special enchanting for this content, hi hi….

Well, I am looking for a freelance who willingly becomes a contributor for Bhyllabus, anybody interest in it? Ha ha, I don’t think anybody would.

Nah, thanks for staying tune with me for all this time, lets meet again in the near future.

Open-mouthed smile

Regards – me… (its only a plan, please don’t take it seriously).

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