Crossroad of Ancient Future

I made some plans for what I will do in the next days after the next year. The thing is that those plans and I now where exist between a huge wall ancient norms and the opposing wishes of many people who I dear most. It is a crossroad between my life philosophy, my ideal, …

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See You Next Year

Well, we are already arriving at the end of 2010, aren’t we? So what’s next? Still – I’ve no plan, like a free pirate – perhaps, sailing freely on seven oceans. Hmm…, a little bit hyperbolic tough. But why not, visiting Norway would be good – except for heavy snowing that doesn’t suite a tropical …

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A Day Off

Tomorrow I’d take a day off from blogging, well, its Bhyllabus’s 3rd anniversary (or could be the 4th – I don’t remember that). You might see the new colour here – powered by Liquorice with Google Font API – or perhaps something like that. Like I said before, I have no plan – maybe just …

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