Mencicipi Joli OS 1.2

Salah satu koleksi distro Linux saya adalah Joli OS, sebuah sistem operasi berbasis cloud computing dan diturunkan dari Ubuntu dengan basis Chromium. Joli OS didesain khusus untuk netbook, namun juga bisa bekerja dengan baik pada notebook ataupun komputer lawas. Kali ini saya mencobanya melalui VirtualBox OSE sebagaimana saat mencoba KDE openSUSE 11.4 sebelumnya. Nyamannya menggunakan VirtualBox OSE adalah jika sudah tidak diperlukan, sistem operasi virtual bisa dibuang dengan mudah tanpa menganggu sistem operasi asli, bahkan jika sistem operasi virtual mengalami crash.

Kali ini saya mencoba versi terbarunya, yaitu Joli OS 1.2. Saya membuat sebuah lingkungan virtual baru, dengan ruang 8 GB, RAM 1024 MB, Akselerasi Video 3D 64 MB, dengan PAE diaktifkan. Ini merupakan setelan standar saya untuk mencoba sebuah Linux di ruang virtual.

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Plurk is My Sanctuary

As one of the most popular microblog engine today, Plurk has been a sanctuary-like space for me. Of course there are not only Plurk outside there. There are some reasons I love using Plurk on social network.

First it has a unique timeline, that no others microblog engine even look nicer that plurk’s. Obviously this timeline gives a lot of burden to network access, including they who live with dial-up internet access. But the mobile page was so simple and friendly use. Both styles give a nice user experiences – IMHO.

Secondly, the privacy setting become more flexible than other engine. Even we can look down the privacy just for friends, but the unlocked account still has some private space for personal conversation without affecting the public timeline. We don’t need the whole world know our conversation – but we don’t hide.

And the last is about the simple navigation of plurk, we can easily found which conversation already replied/responded, which one got new comment, etc. Simple, yet very fast to find them all at once – especially when you got in the mobile edition.

Have interest in Plurk? Get Plurk using my invitation. Or just find me on Plurk by my name or my email 🙂