What’s your favorite romantic song?

What’s my favorite romantic song? Well, there are two actually, but if I may only choose one of them, it would the “eyes on me” over “melodies of life.” Both are old school, but well, I came from an old era after all.

The songs come from the same game franchise, and I love them. I played FF VIII many times in the past, as well as the FF IX (while the latter I’ve never been able to finish it). So the song always gives me a vivid yet vibrant recollection of something carved deep in my memory.

I also like “To Zanarkand.” But, since I never gone too far within the game. Stuck somewhere within a dungeon before I quit 😅.

Final Fantasy VIII perhaps the only series that I have completed. And I fall in love with the story and the musics, including the legendary “Eyes on Me.” It is a warm, full of affection and tenderness song. When I miss something behind, I always find this song gives me a calmness and a bittersweet taste in my mind.

Have you opened your eyes?

Billions of billions of stars, the soul that always wandering across the uncharted sky. Why we haven’t met?

Have you opened your eyes? Or just me stand beyond your horizon?

Love is a Rebellious Bird

Tell me, if you can’t love me, I shall love you. Since love just a rebellious bird, which you can cage it forever in each vegetative feeling.

When will I love you?
Good Lord, I don’t know,
Maybe never, maybe tomorrow.
But not today, that’s for sure.

Love is a rebellious bird
That none can tame,
And it is well in vain that one calls it
If it suits him to refuse
Nothing to be done, threat or prayer.
The one talks well, the other is silent;
And it’s the other that I prefer
He says nothing but he pleases me.

(Love is a rebellious bird) Love…
(that none can tame,) Love…
(and you can call him, although it is, quite in vain,) Love…
(because it suits him not to come) Love…

Love is a gypsy’s child,
It has never, never known the law;
If you do not love me, I love you;
If I love you, take guard yourself
(Take guard yourself!)
If you do not love me,
If you do not love me, I love you
(Take guard yourself!)
But if I love you, if I love you
Take guard yourself!

(Love is a gypsy’s child,)
(It has never, never known the law;)
(If you do not love me, I love you;)
(If I love you, take guard yourself)
(Take guard yourself!)

If you do not love me,
If you do not love me, I love you
(Take guard yourself!)
But if I love you, if I love you
Take guard yourself!

The bird you hoped to catch
Beat its wings and flew away …
Love is far, you can wait for it
You no longer await it, there it is
All around you, swift, swift,
It comes, goes, then it returns …
You think to hold it fast, it flees you
You think to flee it, it holds you

(All around you, swift,) Love…
(It comes, goes, then it returns) Love…
(You think to hold it fast, it flees you) Love…
(You think to flee it, it holds you) Love…

Then now, let me be your bird, that you shall miss it even when your dreams dream.

If I Can’t Help

Last week it took me by surprised, I thought Elvis Presley was resurrect and sang a song. Indeed, it was a wonderful song, and it’s a nostalgic tunes along the way to my mind.

I wonder I would able to sing just as nice as that, but really, I can’t help – since I am not a singer. So here it is, “I can’t help falling in love with you“. Lanjutkan membaca “If I Can’t Help”

Perdete Despues

There is a nice song written by a fifteen-year-old kid, a very nice song. Inspired by Quejas, o la Maja y el Ruiseñor piano pieces by 1911, and latter was performed within Aria of Nightingale in 1916. Her name was Consuelo Velázquez, who wrote Bésame mucho, a romantic ballad which captures my heart with which honest words.

Perdete despues literally means “to lose you in future”. Every single heart who feels security within a relationship shall be shaken with an uncertain path of change. This uncertainty emerges as fear, a simple fear losing someone you dear most in the next path we call future – the uncertain path.

This simple feeling, if can be honest, is unavoidable – since there is not any peculiar security within any relationship. Well, life is not about being secure, life is not a jail where we can secure a criminal within, life is not a cage where we put a beast inside. So love, love is not about being secure, and by looking for security within love, one does only avoiding the truth of one own heart.

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Tarakihi –The Passionate Chant

When first time I heard it from inside my “Silk Road” audio album by Vienna Boy’s Choir, I didn’t really get the meaning. But instead, the melody was so passionate. Tarakihi means a locust or a cicadas, so it may be said as the Locust Chant. As, Johannes C. Anderson wrote:

The cicada’s song was liked by the Maori above all others; indeed, he called the cicada "the bird of Rehua." Rehua was the lord of kindness, and the reason the Maori held the insect in such estimation was that its cheerful song sounded in the summer when the days were warm and long and food was plentiful. Then the Maori, happy himself, enjoyed the shrill song of the merry cicada.

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