Hymne of Rainbow

This is the land where my foots found their ground solid enough to walk on. Ah…, I just remember not always as firm as now, anyhow that is what we call life, don’t we? Only a moment ago I can see, then become blind at all, and somehow I can see again we a very intense clarity. Yes…, the wind blows softly, just like there are all perfect moment I have just perfect enough to touch every single of them passing by with and within my consciousness. Its now maybe beyond a quite sky, seem all flying beauties have found their shelter from this silent gentle rains, then I reach a sight where a pale sun light falls, dances and sparkling within those amazing scenery.

The songs I sing in every single breath is this beautiful rainbow of nature… of life. To see the most colorful existent within and beyond everything, then you just do not know what its those all colorful things, may there left a simple trace that leads to a beauty of life.

Death, Thou Shall Welcome You…

In memoriam, I had ever this felling, felt so cold like staying a night of ices, but sweating more than stand under hundred of suns. What is this fell, came after knowledge where everything would put their end in single breath. The part would be separate by then, the escaper, the rejecter, the fighter, all with their prime knowledge to act. But then I saw, this friction far more dangerous then what I felt. It was merely useless thought to evade what thought has created itself. Then…, in single breath everything put their end.

Now, I can see how the sun set beautifully by the death with me. Hearing the sound of wind by the sea hugging all the life and the death by death with me. So I can life because I can die, I live I die…

Walking With The Wind

Sometimes you may find yourself along the middle of rice field or just another same field where our farm used to be. Just for one moment, come with me, forget why you are there right in the moment, forget anything that may come as burden, for a singlet moment we shall walk. Close your eyes then walk slowly, touch the ground with naked feet, you may show your worry but in the moment…, just a moment…, take a deep breath…, then release it freely…, do you feel the wind so gentle touching your outer shield into the warm soul inside you…?

If yes…, you can now walk freely, you do not need me to accompanying, but if not yet…, then you must asking yourself…, have you release the last depth breath so freely…, if not you have to find what is there “that” hold you from becoming free … even for a moment?

A Moment in Time

So…, this moment finally comes. Lot of points connected into one, sadness, pain, painless, smiles, tears, heaviness, emptiness, clouds, thunders, rains, storms, blizzards. The very fragile of human side, seeing fact never as before. They said, when fall comes, then awaiting the spring to be next. But this isn’t an autumn, neither spring.

The masks of many had broke in another ways. Not choice nor chaos, the part that fall in the different hill in the same skyline.

This the ultimate turbulence and the very deep peace, the hardest fist and the untouchable gift. I call this momentary … the present.

Challenge The Wind

Wind blows forcefully when I see a typhoon, or does she just flowing nearly still? Both may sound so paradox, but sure it is depend in our perception, or do we really need to perceive that moment at all?

I wish never challenge the winds, they one of most beautiful formless living form above this fragile earth. Their beauty always give something precious that we never imagine before. The gift may life as unpredictable as death, but only the weak then shows fear of this soft rhythms of air.

I do love to challenge the wind, but most lovely part play with them, just then nothing left but I am the wind which plays freely beyond the spaces and time.

Night Clouds

I see the night clouds beyond the sensational imagination, so high so White, so undescribe-able, If just me could touch it, so I know the no name in it. Just like the night breeze, never holding something with motives, it just flowing by its nature, take everything on the way and let them all go in the time.

It just a beautiful life we have, never searching for something more but this simple night with its clouds come and go, let the stars dance within a mysterious harmony ever after. The life as simple as it never known, as it just go in simple understanding, but with great living itself.