One Step Closer

Yes, today as always for each passing year is the day of you and me. Perhaps you already walk beyond the heaven, while I keep walking under the same sky that we shared before that time came. I shall not call your name, nor shall you should call mine – since that is one of those promises.

Each year I wrote just for our promises, that perhaps my mortal mind & memory shall forget your voices or how your smile were gentling my heart; but my existence is a single prove that you was here, stand by my side – walk a single voice together.  Lanjutkan membaca “One Step Closer”

Love at First Sight

It has to be an eternal question to any soul that filled with curiosity about the “thing” that we know as love. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” – If I were offered with that kind of question, I would humbly reply, “Do you?” Put it in simple deductions, if you ever felt it, it might be true – if you never had it, it doesn’t mean never exist at all; as so the opposite, if you ever felt it, beware, it might not be the love you really tough of.

For me, to put it simply, it would be a “No,” I don’t put believe in such a thing.

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Infinite White

Don’t talk about the form, don’t speak of the color, since the infinite is untouchable, since the purity isn’t a gesture. To find the formless behind the form is to find nothing at all, and there would be no finding at all, there would be no action with a purpose, since purity has no map to guide to.

Life flowing its own form, and its own nature. You may try to figure it out, but all the figuring would meet a wall, a boundary called limitations. An act with purpose – to figure – only a start to reach a limitations.

Purity doesn’t has purpose. Purity is everything without a coursed path, there is no path either to reach purity. It is the infinite where stillness dance beautifully. It is the infinite white, the formless beyond the form. It’s a great move without motive.

I am a small bud of freedom

Rising under the first morning mist, I am a small bud of freedom. Come upon the labyrinth of winds, meet between hopes and life, I am a small bud of freedom. The morning dew which releasing all chain of past, I am a small bud of freedom.

The very breath itself is freedom, the flowing life is freedom, the silent cloud above the stillness is freedom – then the sky reach its’ end. Then again, I am a small bud of freedom.

A Vague Writing

Writing doesn’t always need a reason, a purpose, a target, nor a meaning. Writing doesn’t always a firm & strict form where we can manage everything according some codes or norms. Writing doesn’t have to bring out a mission, nor bring about public opinions.

Writing can be simply put as a flowing water in a mere personification.

It doesn’t need to be clear so every thought can simply understand. There is nothing absolute about understanding how we flow within this river of life. But once a soul flows, it shall pour everything – all its existence – to the very last, then one can found one self being mirrored by a vague writing. Its nothing, yet everything that one has ever had.

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And The Life Meets its’ End

I just have a walk this afternoon and met an ordinary life event. Nothing special at all, but I just loved to take a note from it. Life is so fragile, but that fact bring about a simple realization if one can simply touch the very life it self.

Everything has its’ beginning and somehow it shall met its’ end, well we maybe not so sad since we have no bound to the very life that has lost. But when a journey of someone close in our life was ended, we might suffered a great feel of losing.

If we feel the same for every life form on this earth, maybe we have the same colour of breath and soul as for all the living things. It is simple, so we met the same death as how we see it through every moment and time that already ended, and we may have no rejection again what that a lot of people fear of – death.

Does the rain make you wistful?

If I sat one afternoon in which heavy rain falls. Maybe I’ll let the inner me to pause for a moment of silence. My concern can be absolutely nil. And if you tried to call, maybe I will not answer. I brought down to earth with rain in the afternoon. My voice is a patter that can not be detained any longer in the air.

Rain brings the life spirits back to our mother earth, and inside every single patter – is none but me without a name. Rain brings abundant of energy back to our homeland, but some maybe doesn’t sense it and yet a melancholy memory might arise.

Well, its okay. But lets lose our burden, lets open our heart, let the mind be still, and we shall dance within the rain.

Our Heritages Our Legacies

It has been almost two and a half years since I joined UNESCO’s World Heritage in 2008. I just found again the World Heritage’s map stuck in some place messed with my medical textbooks. And its bring a lot of memories back there.

I wasn’t an active member, just – you may say it – an enthusiast. I found many interesting things that left behind by our ancestors (our humanity form from the past), which is today become our heritages. One of the most famous heritage in Indonesia is Borobudur Temple. You must be know Borobudur, don’t you?

Its the spirit of heritage is what I looking for, learning the wisdoms that has been lined from generation to generation, and scattered all over the globe even maybe on the place that we never thought before, and never dare to think about it.

Wisdoms within the heritage is not something to be monopolized by certain people or association, and should be shared for the greater goods, for humanity as the part of path that open every chances of enlighten. For the same reason I (and some other people) disagree any campaign to vote which on of this heritage is better than others. Say like voting the World Wonder, and people of Indonesia were rushing them self to vote for Borobudur and got mad to others who didn’t vote; or say a vote for World Natural Wonder, now people everywhere in this country campaign to vote for Comodo Natural Park.

Did we ever thought, did you ever imagined, what would happens to the winner and what would be happen to those who didn’t?

Firstly, I would lets read lines from a very nice songs just before you answer the my question…

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world

The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shakin’ hands, sayin’ "How do you do?"
They’re really saying "I love you"

I hear babies cryin’, I watch them grow
They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know
And I think to myself, what a wonderful world
Yes, I think to myself, what a wonderful world

Oh yeah

Ah…, yes, sure our earth is a beautiful place, isn’t it? Lets say, we have so many competitions today, made people can give everything to win over it. Say we win the competition of World Wonder, we glad tourism that gave life to many people become better and better. But we lost, we became disappointed, even maybe some got frustrated. The same things could be happen all over the world when we talked about competition.

Then the world no longer a beautiful place…

There is no wisdom of legacy which only bring about anger. Because we sought only the material benefits inside the heritage concept, that we lost its wisdom. Do you think heritage for humanity is only a thing to bring about and to endorse our proud?  Or do you think our legacy is something that attest equality within humanity not just a group of people?

Don’t give a competition to our heritage our legacy, since its only the thing that we save from our corrupted world today, don’t give a race to our places where we can cite a lot of ancient wisdoms.

Our heritage is everywhere around the world, and we here took the legacy to preserve it, so the wisdom still could be learned for the next generation and the generations after.

Wonderful World’s lyrics by George Weiss / Bob Thiele

I Will Always Love You

I have no rejection, nor shall I ask for more. I bound to nothing but one, something that has been erased from this timeline of my human form and my human heart. The last and lost poem shall never recover again, nor the pain within the permanent scars within. I’ve seen so many tears that belong to no others. My step has stopped its own stillness, and my breath has reached the depth of where even desperation can’t reach it. I am not returning time back, nor shall trying for it. Since I knew nothing has been changed, but this path only. The words always the same, as to how we met under the last and the lost evening clouds under the evening sky, the words of “I will always love you.”

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When A Journey End Another is Awaiting

Every soul has their own journey on this life, no matter how soft or how hard every single step they took, life just flows as it is. But where we go exactly? Most of us believe to know (since it has been foretold to them) the end place of our journey – even just in an imagination. Others said, they don’t care about that kind of stuff, and busy with other stuff as well – but not so much different as an essential one.

Few people doesn’t stand in both imaginary way, or cultivating way to seek what they passion want for this life to be happy forever after. But instead they learn about life, they cut trough within the reality, give their mind and heart to understand their self and something called life fully.

They are the one who have a pure compassion for the whole life, the one who stop seeking and merge their soul fully with this life. It doesn’t matter how the world change, since they still able naturally face it with genuine wisdom and unspeakable love. They didn’t form the love, but they are the form of love itself.

Pathavisamo no virujjhati, indakhilupamo t?di subbato, rahadova apetakaddamo sa?s?r? na bhavanti t?dino.

There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who, like the earth, resents nothing, who is firm as a high pillar and as pure as a deep pool free from mud.

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Little Monks - by Stuart Clyne

Happy Vesak Day 2554