Pouring Wisdom for Nation

A couple of nights ago, I have a discussion about writing a book. Well, I never put any interest before about book writing, since I don’t like the idea about sharing thought just to some buyers. But I think that perhaps I was a complete stubborn (and yet don’t change at all).

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Keeping Online Diary

I do think about keeping an online diary, but never became a realization. First of all, diary is something become very personal matter – that makes me hesitate to write it. But then, I become easily forget about what was going on, since I can not memorize everything clearly – means, I do have a bad memorizing capability.

Online diary is something that I think I could access it from anywhere around the globe without being worry, I would lost it on any trip I’ll have in future. So it must accessible.

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A Vague Writing

Writing doesn’t always need a reason, a purpose, a target, nor a meaning. Writing doesn’t always a firm & strict form where we can manage everything according some codes or norms. Writing doesn’t have to bring out a mission, nor bring about public opinions.

Writing can be simply put as a flowing water in a mere personification.

It doesn’t need to be clear so every thought can simply understand. There is nothing absolute about understanding how we flow within this river of life. But once a soul flows, it shall pour everything – all its existence – to the very last, then one can found one self being mirrored by a vague writing. Its nothing, yet everything that one has ever had.

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I kind of feeling sorry lately for my own handwriting, well its still readable of course – but only on normal speed writing. If I get a note which need more speed to finish it as quick as possible, it becomes a bad tasted hieroglyph. Since I used to type on keyboard these days, my handwriting skill becomes dull from time to time.

Perhaps this is a good moment to take a reflection for this issue, otherwise it would be helpless in near future.