To tréno févgi stis októ

When I was a little child my mother though me so much of National Songs including what we call as “Keroncong Perjuangan”. One of them which bring much of childhood memories while I am staying in Yogayakarta was “Sepasang Mata Bola” (both versions) which somehow felt romantic in it’s own way. But when speaking of…… Lanjutkan membaca To tréno févgi stis októ

Meet Tobby The Brownie

Recently, our dorm has a new guest – and maybe would become our new family member here. Few days ago, our neighbour found a small puppy beside his wheal, and the puppy seems to be so terrified and scared to human. Since adopting pets especially dog used to be uncommon manner around our neighbourhood,  he…… Lanjutkan membaca Meet Tobby The Brownie